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quality_safety Three-Phase Quality Control Program

As a general contractor, our control of quality is divided into three phases for each "Definable Feature of Work" (DFOW). A DFOW is a task that is separate from other tasks and has control requirements unique to that task. Performance of all three phases is the contractor's responsibility. Each control phases is an opportunity to prevent problems and costly rework.

Phase I: The Preparatory Phase

The Preparatory Phase is performed and documented prior to starting the DFOW. Example actions include: reviewing and approving submittals, reviewing applicable contract drawings, specifications, test requirements, safety requirements and activity hard analysis, inspecting delivered materials and construction to be interfaced with, etc.

Construction standards and contract interpretation issues are discussed and settled before start of the DFOW to avoid the need for "tear out" after work is in place. The preparatory process pays dividends by locating and resolving conflicts in advance of construction.

Phase II: The Initial Phase

This phase is performed and documented at the beginning of each DFOW. This is an opportunity for the contractor to get the work off to a proper start in compliance with contract requirements and to establish standards and quality of workmanship. Testing procedures and compliance with safety standards are validated. The initial phase helps to achieve preventative control and to reach early agreements on quality.

Phase III: The Follow-Up Phase

For each DFOW is surveillance, inspection and documentation of the work to determine continuation of compliance with the contract requirements and quality of workmanship confirmed during the preparatory and initial phases. The follow-up phase may be performed on a daily, routine or predetermined basis as required to ensure contract compliance. The follow-up phase is more productive when preceded by thorough preparatory and initial phases.

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