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PennaGroup provides structural design as part of our design/build program. Our engineering team analyzes your Project's data including information about the type of structure, site conditions, loading conditions, type of environmental exposure, earthquake zone, and wind zone.

All our structural designs conform to the relevant code of practice:

  • Structural Concrete Designs conform to ACI 318-95/IS 456: 2000/BS 8110: Part 1: 1985 or other whichever code is applicable;
  • Structural Steel Design and Fabrication conform to AISC-ASD (9th Edition)/IS 800:1984 / BS 5950: Part 1: 1990.

Structural Design Methods. Selected based on the local practices and are guided by the relevant standard code of practice which include:

  • Working Stress Method;
  • Limit State Method, and;
  • Load Resistance Factor Design Method.

Codes and Other Considerations. In designing any project's structural components, our structural engineers also consider (1) dead loads (per self-weight as provided by the standard codes); (2) live loads (per ASCE 7); (3) wind loads (per ASCE 7-95 / UBC -1997 / IS 875: 1987 (Part 3) / BS CP3: Chapter V: Part 2: 1972 or other applicable codes based on the location of building or structure); and (4) seismic/earthquake loads (per ASCE 7/ UBC/ IS 1893).

Excellent Performance Ratings. PennaGroup recently received all "excellent" performance ratings for its highly-complex design

PennaGroup received all "excellent" ratings from the Department of Interior for its most recent Structural Design-Build Bridge Project.

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