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Job Summary:

PennaGroup is always looking for quality tradesmen and skilled workers to add to our team. We offer competitive wages and always meet or exceed the government's Davis-Bacon Act wage rates.

Our benefits package for full-time hourly tradesmen and skilled workers includes: paid holidays, vacation, health insurance and a 401K retirement plan. Company-sponsored skilled trades job training is available to enhance both your skills and earning potential.

We are constantly seeking quality tradesmen and skilled workers. We hire tradesmen and skilled workers depending on their experience and our current demand. We will often employ tradesmen and skilled workers such as plumbers, electricians, painters, HVAC techs, heavy equipment operators, etc.


The safety of our tradesmen and skilled workers is our number one concern. Without exception, PennaGroup resources provides safety training to all our tradesmen and skilled workers to minimize the likelihood of injuries on the job. Aside from training, we provide full insurance coverage for job-related injuries, as well as a comprehensive health insurance package.

PennaGroup provides mandatory OSHA 10 hour training courses for all of its employees. All employees are required to take the class within their 1st year of employment.


PennaGroup carries complete Workman's Compensation and General Liability coverage at all times for our tradesmen and skilled workers.

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