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Our Safety Program

We strive to maintain a safe, working environment for all customers, employees and visitors. We will never sacrifice safety for the sake of cost or schedule.

Safety is the cornerstone of every PennaGroup project. We, therefore, make a daily company-wide commitment, from senior management to each individual worker, to insure the safety of everyone on the jobsite. Above all else, safety is our highest priority.


How do we accomplish this goal? Quite simply, we incorporate all relevant safety portions of EM-385-1-1 as the basis of every PennaGroup Safety Plan.

We submit the EM-385-1-1 for the government's approval regardless of whether it is a preconstruction requirement or not. Moreover, our internal safety program mandates that we hire only OSHA-approved superintendents.

Weekly Safety Meetings

Safety meetings are held weekly and documented for review by federal personnel. Aspects of the project are applied and discussed as noted in the Safety Program.

And, we vigilantly maintain on-going communications with government personnel to ensure the effectiveness of PennaGroup's Safety Program.

Sample Safety Plan

At PennaGroup, we recognize that every project, no matter how large or small, carries certain inherent hazards that can be avoided with proper planning. We carefully prepare a specific Safety Plan for every project.

Click on the link here for a sample copy of our Safety Plan submittals for one of our more complicated projects at Lake Ray Roberts Dam for USACE that involved multiple hazards (water, fall, electrical, crane, scaffolding, confined space, welding and cutting, and diving operations).

To date, we have not had any lost time due to accidents on any of our projects.

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