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Job Summary:

This position will be responsible for the implementation of QC/QA procedures throughout our select projects.


  • Quality assurance. All those planned and systematic actions necessary to provide confidence that a product or facility will perform satisfactorily in service. Quality assurance addresses the overall problem of obtaining the quality of a service, product, or facility in the most efficient, economical, and satisfactory manner possible. Within this broad context, quality assurance involves continued evaluation of the activities of planning, design, development of plans and specifications, advertising and awarding of contracts, construction, and maintenance, and the interactions of these activities.
  • Quality control. Those quality assurance actions and considerations necessary to assess production and construction processes so as to control the level of quality being produced in the end product. This concept of quality control typically includes sampling and testing by the contractor to monitor the process but usually does not include acceptance sampling and testing by the agency/owner. Also called process control.
  • Acceptance. Sampling, testing, and the assessment of test results to determine whether or not the quality of produced material or construction is acceptable in terms of the specifications.
  • Independent assurance. A management tool that requires a third party, not directly responsible for process control or acceptance, to provide an independent assessment of the product and/or the reliability of test results obtained from process control and acceptance testing. The results of independent assurance tests should not be used as a basis of product acceptance.


  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Construction or related field.
  • Five to ten years estimating and/or project management experience in commercial construction.
  • Must have detailed concrete, masonry, pre-cast, rough-finish carpentry estimating experience.
  • Must communicate effectively and work well with others.
  • Good computer and computer aided scheduling skills (Excel, Word, Primavira, MC2).
  • Knowledge of on-screen quantity take-offs.

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