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This U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection issued a RFP, Solicitation No. HSBP1017R0022, for a "Solid Concrete Border Wall Concept."

Fluent Understanding of Border Environment. In preparing our design concepts, PennaGroup interviewed dozens of U.S. Border Patrol Agents to gain a fluent understanding of the U.S. Border Patrol's Operational Mission including comprehensive understanding of: (1) the border law enforcement environment; (2) how the law enforcement environment and its operations will be impacted by a wall or other barrier; and (3) how to inclusively accommodate the operational considerations of the border environment.

Design Considerations. Included in PennaGroup's design concept is the following considerations: (a) Height Physically Imposing; (b) Anti-Climb Features; (c) Anti-Tunneling Features; (d) Anti-Tamper Features; (e) Aesthetics; (d) Drainage; (g) Mechanized Vehicle Sliding Gates; (h) Variable Underground Footing Constructible to Slope of Up to 45%; (i) Fitting and Fixtures on the North Side of the Wall (U.S. facing); (j) Cost Considerations; and (k) Environmental and Wildlife Preservation.

Unique Features. The interior vertical rebar (as the panel stands) adds to the strength of the wall while the fluted wall feature increases the surface area of the panel, thereby diffusing any impact from attack, including a sustained attack for greater than an hour and a half with a pickax, torch, battery operated cutting tools, or similar hand-held tools.

Environmental Considerations. The panels are consistent with general surrounding environment, including in both the manufacturing and construction processes. The versatile design can accommodate and adjust with the environment including, but are not limited to, terrain, geology, hydrology, wildlife, environmental preservation, weather, and human activity.

Aesthetics. The "Solid Concrete Border Wall" consists of slick, vertically-fluted, 30’x10’, reinforced concrete panels emblazoned with the Seal of the United States in recessed concrete on the U.S. side. These stunning panels will interlock with beams made of highly-polished American steel with a polished, anti-climb top-rail. The wall was designed with eastern Greek Ionic Order influences in the slender, fluted panels.




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